ATXN1 (Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 1) Repeat Expansion Analysis

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Test Description

2 weeks
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ATXN1 ( 1 gene )
Blood (two 4ml EDTA tubes, lavender top) or Extracted DNA (3ug in EB buffer) or Buccal Swab or Saliva (kits available upon request)
All repeat expansion assays have limitations. This analysis is performed by repeat-primed PCR (rpPCR) and amplicon length analysis. The scope of this assay is limited to repeat expansion analysis of the gene. This repeat expansion analysis may not elicit the precise number of repeats present in large expansions. Gene sequencing and deletion/duplication analysis are not included in this assay, but can be ordered separately. This analysis does not include methylation studies.

CPT Code 81178

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