This is more than
a genetic test.

It's the next step on your path to well-being.

Where is the option to buy?

Hello! We've concluded the beta launch of this product, and it is no longer available for purchase. Those who have already completed testing through Essential Health may still log on to your portal accounts. If you have questions or concerns, please contact or 626-350-0537. Thank you for your interest and participation!

Embark on your next wellness journey.

You are your own best health advocate. Maybe you already track your steps, your calories, or your sleep.

Why not go further? With Essential Health, discover how genetic testing can make you more prepared than ever to be the healthiest version of you.

Our process is simple.

Order your preferred test through our website.
Send us a cheek swab, we’ll mail you everything you need.
Receive your personalized health results online.
A genetic counselor is always ready to provide guidance about which test to order and how to interpret your results.

We provide high quality genetic testing that is...

You can order your test and view your results from home.
Our reports give you health information that you can do something about - allowing you to stay ahead of your health risks.
Our clinical-grade, certified and accredited lab meets the highest standards of accuracy and detail.

Discover your health risks.

Essential Health Essential Health Plus

Hereditary cancer risk

Knowing your risk before symptoms develop can lead to more effective preventive treatment.

Essential Health examines 25 genes that are associated with over 10 different types of cancer, including breast, ovarian, colorectal, and pancreatic cancer. *

Essential Health
Essential Health PLUS

Hereditary cardiovascular risk

All cardiovascular disorders covered by this test are considered medically actionable.

Essential Health tests 32 genes and covers multiple heart-related disorders, including arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, and hypercholesterolemia. *

Essential Health
Essential Health PLUS

Carrier screening

A carrier is someone who “carries” a non-working copy of a gene that does not affect them, but could lead to their children having a genetic health condition.

Essential Health Plus screens for 30 genes associated with carrier conditions such as cystic fibrosis, fragile X syndrome, and sickle cell anemia. **

Essential Health
Essential Health PLUS

All cancer and cardio conditions we test for are conditions that doctors can help you prevent and manage - but only if your risks are known. Because these risks are tied to your genetics, your results can also help illuminate risks for your close family members.


Knowing your carrier status allows you to make more informed decisions about reproductive planning and prenatal testing.

Your genes affect your life, your health,
and your family.
Why not learn more about them?


Fulgent Genetics is a genetic testing company committed to our customers and our process - we believe that everyone deserves high quality genetic testing for their individual wellness needs. By merging the fields of genetics, molecular biology, and computer science, we pursue excellence in genetic sequencing, scalability, and data analysis. Our lab is CLIA certified and CAP accredited and surpasses the standards of diagnostic testing. All specimens are processed at our US laboratory, and all data analysis is performed on private US servers. Quality controls are built into our procedures at every step. The end result is a genetic test you can trust, from a company that cares.