Fulgent Focus Cancer tests covers 29 genes associated with high/moderate risk for hereditary cancer syndrome and established clinical management guidelines for pathogenic variants. This test maximizes the chances of identifying a pathogenic cancer susceptibility variant, while minimizing the number of variants of uncertain clinical significance found.

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Fulgent Comprehensive Cancer tests examines 123 genes associated with potential risk for hereditary cancer syndrome. These panels include well-established genes, but also includes candidate genes that may have only been recently discovered or for which additional research is needed. Fulgent hereditary cancer tests maximize the chances of identifying pathogenic cancer susceptibility variants, while providing a comprehensive review of candidate genes to give you information you can use now and potentially in the future.

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Customize for your Patient

Customize patient care by adding or removing any of our 123 cancer genes to suit your patient's condition and clinical management. Take advantage of our no additional charge re-requisition process to expand the diagnostic quest to any other gene in the cancer tests.


Panel Coverage: 99.9% at 50x Guaranteed
Deletion / Duplication: ≥ 1 exon
Sequencing Methods: NGS
Orthogonal Methods: Sanger, qPCR, MLPA
Turnaround Time: 2-3 weeks
Additional regions and variants assessed:

  • PTEN and TERT promoter regions
  • MSH2 exon 1-7 inversion
  • BRCA2 Portuguese Founder Mutation