Hereditary Cancer Testing

Panel Coverage

99% at 50x

Deletion &

≥ 1 exon resolution


2-3 weeks


Add additional
cancer genes or
panels at no charge

within 3 months

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Highlights of
Coverage and Analysis

New genes added to our preset, focus, and comprehensive panels.

Comprehensive Cancer Panel: CTNNA1, GREM1, NTHL1, SLC45A2
Focus Cancer Panel: GREM1

  • Typical coverage for coding sequences: 99% at ≥ 50x

  • Deletion and duplication analysis with single exon resolution for all genes

  • BRCA2: Portuguese Founder Mutation

  • PTEN: Promoter region

  • TP53: Promoter region

  • CDKN2A: p14ARF and p16 protein products

  • PMS2: Analysis includes exons 1-5 and 12-15

  • TERT: Promoter region

  • GREM1: Promoter region



Fulgent Focus Cancer Panels target 30 genes associated with high/moderate risk for hereditary cancer syndromes and established clinical management guidelines for disease-causing variants. These panels provide the most optimal balance between detection of pathogenic cancer susceptibility mutations, and minimizing the number of reported variants of unknown clinical significance.



Fulgent Comprehensive Cancer Panels cover 127 genes associated with potential risk for hereditary cancer syndromes. These panels include well-established cancer-related genes as well as candidate genes with newly discovered association with cancer, but may have reduced or unclear risk. Hereditary cancer syndromes with complex presentations may benefit from more comprehensive testing. Fulgent Comprehensive Cancer Panels maximize the chance of identifying disease-causing variants and provide an extensive review of potential cancer risks from additional candidate genes.

Customize for your Patient

Customize patient care by adding or removing any of our 127 cancer genes to suit your patient's condition and clinical management. Take advantage of our no additional charge re-requisition process to expand the diagnostic quest to any other gene in the cancer tests.


Panel Coverage: ~99% at 50x
Deletion / Duplication: ≥ 1 exon
Sequencing Methods: NGS
Orthogonal Methods: Sanger, qPCR, MLPA
Turnaround Time: 2-3 weeks