Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing

Mitochondrial DNA sequencing enables analysis of the mitochondrial genome, of which there are hundreds of copies in every human cell. This service can be a powerful tool for researchers interested in mitochondrial disorders and mechanisms of aging.

Disclaimer: Simplified Diagram

Price per Sample
  • $400/sample
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 30 samples
  • Turnaround Time: 3-5 weeks
Services Included
  • Library Prep
  • Sequencing
  • Alignment
  • QC Check Output
  • FastQ
  • BAM
  • Coverage Summary
Additional Options: Contact for prices
  • VCF
Technical Specifications
  • 2M read pairs
  • Paired-end 2x150 bp
  • 5000X mean coverage. Estimated coverage based on Mito-reference.1
  • 1We use the Revised Cambridge Reference Sequence (rCRS) for Mitochondrial DNA.
Sample Requirements
  • Whole Blood, Blood
  • Amount: Minimum 100ng DNA
  • FFPE available: contact for special pricing
  • Specimens: contact for details
  • DNA Quality2: OD260/OD280 > 1.8
  • 2Results not guranteed for samples that do not meet specified quality and quantity standards

Delivery Format

Your data privacy and security is our priority. That's why your data will be delivered to you personally through our Fulgent Cloud. We utitlize a FTP that uses TLS/SSL certificates.